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Assorted Reviews

Here you see some assorted reviews of concerts, rehearsals and other appearances.
After a long deliberation I’ve decided not to translate all reviews, ’cause I was afraid of losing the origin spirit and mood of the author hereby.

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A special review in german is available at:


June 13th, 2011
International Fan- and Forum-Meeting "Unner’m Fido", Frankfurt

Title: Germany Tour 2011
Post by: aholinka on June 14, 2011, 03:01:27 AM

June 13th. 2011
Day before opening night tomorrow at ’Alte Oper’.

A little bit disappointed that only 7 fans (!!!) out of these finally remaining 29 reservations (!!!) were present (I do not count those unexpected appearing 12 japanese fans), I’m sitting here, writing this post, and hope that this desaster will not continue tomorrow!
I took some pictures but I’ll upload them in a row to Gallery at chloe-agnew.com album "On Tour" from time to time.

Cold comfort was: it didn’t rain (at least not from above)!

Title: Opening Night "Alte Oper", Frankfurt, June 14th. 2011
Post by: aholinka on June 16, 2011, 12:02:37 AM

Here are the pics from 'Fido'.
For all images please visit the regarding Gallery at chloe-agnew.com.

Laura, the owner of ’Fido’, sent us a big "Welcome"!

Smoking hot mood with Vitali, Angie, and Peter

Angie & Vitali from Ukraine


Petra & Arthur from Poland

June 14th, 2011
Opening night ’Alte Oper’, Frankfurt

Title: Germany Tour 2011
Post by: aholinka on June 15, 2011, 05:26:39 AM

...and here it is!

Tramline 16 at stop ’Adalbert-/Schloßstrasse’
(view from "Unner’m Fido", in the back mountain ’Grosser Feldberg’)

First of all: I’ve missed ’Symphonie’ and David!!!
Second: This was my first CW concert w/o rain. There was a little shower at noon but afterwards the sun became more and more dominant and it was getting really hot (>25°C).

Front view of ’Alte Oper’

Before the show I met Ronnie (aka ’dikkihoppenstedt’ as a member of "The German ’Chloë Agnew / Celtic Woman Forum’") and his wife Marion at the fountain in front of ’Alte Oper’.

Ronnie & Marion

Marion & me

Ronnie & me

The show started with an Intro (preparing the main song) and "Níl Sé'n Lá".
All four girls wear grey costumes during the first part of the show ’til the break.
Next comes up Lisa’s "Fields Of Gold" followed by Máiréad’s "Slumber My Darling/The Mason’s Apron".
After a short introduction of Chloë that the following song will come straight from her heart she performed "Galway Bay" as usual.
The next song was a little surprise for me ’cause it was the first time that I saw a performing of "Orinoco Flow" with ... Chloë!
The sixth song was a really amazing version of "My Lagan Love" performed by Lisa L.
Seventh song is still one of my favourites: "Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears" preluded by "The New Ground"; and I’m sure I’m not the onliest.
"My Heart Was Home Again" seems to be a completely new song performed by both Lisas’. I got the title out of a special announcement of Lisa K.
After this new song Máiréad comes up with her "The Coast Of Galicia" in an absolutely unique way.
Still clapping my hands Chloë and Lisa K came up with "Goodnight My Angel"
directly followed by "Danny Boy". Nope, this time not acapella: Chloë, Lisa K, and Lisa L were accompanied by Máiréad!
Last song (#12) before the break was "Mo Ghile Mear".

It was strictly forbidden to take any pictures or videos during the show. But during the break *hehehe*?

Just want to go to the restrooms to do myself a little favour, but first ’anything will happen different’ and second ’than you’ll ever know’ (a german idiom that I’ve tried to translate). I gave away several calling cards ’cause some people asked me where I got my T-Shirt from!?!

After the break different costumes but due to the shimmering light very hard to identify the colours. I would say (f.l.t.r.): Lisa K dark green, Chloë some kind of medium/light brown, Lisa L light green, and Máiréad light grey (but plz.: that were my own eyes!!!).

Both trucks in a row

First song after the break was (for sure) "The Call".
Next song started with bagpipes: "Amzaing Graze" (amazing, but the performance at Enniskerry was MUCH, MUCH BETTER, MORE AMAZING [more bagpipes] )!
Now a song (#15 in a row) that was performed Lisa L in a very, very special and unique way: "Dulaman". First she tried to explain the meaning of this irish love song in german (absolutely perfect), but she switched back to english to explain the exact meaning of the song. The performance of the song was absolutely outstanding (I think I should do a homepage ’dulaman.lisalambe.org’ ).
Well, now I got a little problem! Is it a medley or are these two new seperate songs?!?
I’ll name them as #16 "Walking The Stars Without You" (Chloë and Lisa L) and
#17 "Your Songs Are In My Heart" (all four girls). I’m sure this will create a new thread .
Afterwards there was a traditional performance of "The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress" by Lisa K and Máiréad.
Very untraditional was Chloë’s performance of "When You Believe"! Her voice is growing and growing (what should I say more!!!).
And now a wish had come true: "At The Ceili"! All three girls wear those ’Ceili-Dresses’ and Chloë joined them during the last quarter of the song (she had to re-dress after her performance of "When You Believe").
’Whirlwind’ Máiréad performed her "The Lost Rose Fantasia"
followed by "Non C’e Piu".
Song #23 was the onliest song sung in german: "Wenn Du in meinen Träumen bei mir bist". I wished they would’ve sung "Symphonie" !!! Maybe next time...
All good things must come to any end!
After "You Raise Me Up" there were standing ovations for several minutes!
During "Mo Ghile Mear - Finale" (same performance like at Enniskerry) and
the last song (#26) "Spanish Lady" everybody stood up (again standing ovations) and clapping her/his hands!!!
Last but not least Chloë introduced all of the choir and orchestra in her very special and unique way (first time that I’ve ever seen that)!

Side view of ’Alte Oper’

Finally it was a very exciting evening (as usual)! It always should a be very exciting event to be able to watch a live performance of our girls, of Celtic Woman!!!

Subway #6 entering station ’Alte Oper’

OK folks, hope that you’ll like this review and I’m looking forward to do some more during this tour. In a few hours I have to go to the doctor, hoping that I’ll get a ’green light’ for the remaining tour after a damn injury/hurt last weekend during a charity soccer tournament. I already had to cancel Dresden, Berlin, and Düsseldorf and please believe me: I do not want to cancel any more!
Hope that I’m able to join the group again on Sunday 19th ’ZDF Fernsehgarten’ at Mainz (details will follow)!

Frankfurt in a view away from ’Alte Oper’

G’night, sleep and dream well and don’t forget about our honeys!!!


For all images that I took at ’Alte Oper’ please visit the regarding Gallery at chloe-agnew.com. Unfortunately I’m currently not allowed to publish all images.
On his way to Frankfurt Henny (a member of Chloë’s Forum from the netherlands) had a horrorable crash near the border to Germany.

Henny’s car after his crash

Therefore Henny wasn’t able neither to meet us at ’Alte Oper’ nor to join any other concerts that he got tickets for!
We all wish Henny a soon recovery and we'll be happy if he’s able to attend the remaining european concerts in September again!!!

Good luck ...


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